Avoid a Flooded Basement Disaster This Spring by Calling Our Pros

Do you suffer a flooded basement each time the Evansville area faces a heavy rainstorm? Make this spring the last time you're left cleaning out a wet basement. Call United Dynamics, Inc. for our exceptional basement waterproofing services and look forward to enjoying a dry basement going forward. We're the local region's fully insured basement contractors, in business since 1989 and committed to quality workmanship.

Our basement waterproofing solutions include: 

  • Foundation repair
  • Drainage system installation
  • Sump pump installation
  • And more!

From filling the foundation cracks that are letting moisture seep in to installing a sump pump that will channel any water from a basement leak back outside where it belongs, we've got you covered. Our basement contractors are committed to protecting your belongings from the havoc a flooded basement can wreak. We'll also be protecting your health and safety, given that a wet basement can be an unpleasant and unhealthy space to spend time. When we waterproof a basement, we intend for the systems we put in place to last.

Want a free estimate for our expert services? Call United Dynamics, Inc. at (812) 618-0672 today!