Basement Waterproofing

Does your basement have a consistent musty smell? Does water seep into your around your foundation? Do rainstorms pour water into your basement? If you're suffering from basement leaks and other wet basement problems, it's time for a waterproofing solution from United Dynamics. Our experienced foundation contractors provide basement waterproofing services designed to get your basement dry--and keep it that way. We're your one-stop shop for foundation repair and basement waterproofing: Call today for help from United Dynamics of Evansville. 

United Dynamic- Basement Water 
ProofingWhile some homeowners consider a wet basement nothing more than an annoyance, water in your basement can actually be dangerous to your family's health and the long-term structural integrity of your house! Moisture encourages mold growth, which can cause serious health problems, and water can cause foundation deterioration by exacerbating cracks. So if your basement is damp, musty, or just plain wet, it's time to call the professionals at United Dynamics today. Our experts are here to provide complete basement waterproofing solutions to ensure a wet basement doesn't cause you problems any longer. We attack your wet basement issue at the source, ensuring your foundation and home will stay dry. Call now to learn more.

Hydrostatic pressure can force water into your basement, typically through cracks or along the foundation wall-floor seam. A basement waterproofing system is designed to drain away that water before it enters your basement, keeping your home safe and dry. Usually, the first step in any basement waterproofing plan is foundation repair. If you have cracks in your foundation, water can easily seep in, so our foundation contractors use an epoxy to seal foundation cracks, eliminating this point of entry. Once all cracks have been repaired, United Dynamics can install a basement waterproofing system designed to keep water from leaking in around the base of your foundation.

The basement waterproofing system itself involves installing a drain tile system around the inside perimeter of your foundation. The United Dynamics foundation contractors will carefully dig out a trench at the base of the foundation walls, and install a drain system that will collect water from under your foundation and redirect it out of your basement via a sump pump. We then cover the drain tiles with cement for a smooth, finished look. Now when hydrostatic pressure forces water toward your home, the basement waterproofing system will keep it out: end result is a dry basement that will stay that way!

And don't forget, we provide basement waterproofing solutions for commercial customers as well as homeowners. If your office or place of business is suffering from water in the basement, the professionals at United Dynamics can help. Call today for commercial foundation repair and waterproofing.

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